• Chariot Carriers Classic Corsaire XL Brochure & Specs Chariot Carriers

    Chariot Carriers Classic Corsaire XL Brochure & Specs

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    brand: Chariot Carriers category: Bicycle Accessories pages: 40 size: 12.16 MB info: CTS Adventure Carrier and CTS Bicycle Trailer Series  



    3 - Table Of Contents 10 - X-country 14 - Cougar 24 - Classic 26 - Caddie 28 - Cabriolet 30 - Corsaire Xl 32 - Sidecarrier 33 - Catch'em 36 - Accessories






























    Do the double carriers fit through standard doorways?Mix two tablespoons of liquid chlorine bleach with one quart of warm waterHow old should my child be before I can start strolling?Answers: Conversion KitsQUse an eyedropper or cotton-tipped swab to put a drop of this solution on a hidden seam or pocket edge inside the garmentAllow to remain one-half hour, then rinseWhat safety testing does Chariot perform?Allow the bleach to remain on the fabric from five to 15 minutes, then rinseMy carrier keeps pulling to the right/left when I am jogging


    If your carrier is still not rolling straight, loosen the nuts again and slide the dropout as far forward as possible and repeat step 4 Can I use two Baby Bivies, Infant Slings or Baby Supporters at the same time in a double carrier?2QHow do I know which carrier will best suit my lifestyle?1


    What cleaning products does Chariot recommend?QSponge or soak the stained areaHow old should my child be before I can start cycling?Let the garment stand two minutes, then blot dryQMoisten stain with lemon juice, spread on salt and place in the sun to dryPowdered bleach packages explain directions for doing colorfastness testsQ


    QAnswers: Installation and Maintenance.Sponge the stain or soak the stained area in the solutionUse hot water if it wont damage the fabric, otherwise use lukewarm waterI lost my owners manualHow can I get one?Note: A child leaning to one side or excessive or bulky cargo on one side can adversely affect trackingWhy is that?Q


    QIf no color change occurs, it is safe to use the bleach on the garmentAnswers: Conversion kits (Owners)Where is it located?How do I know if the SideCarrier will work with my bike?I own a bike with internal hubs or hooded dropouts and the hitch cup wont fitHow can I resolve this?Where can I get a new one?I cant find the serial number on my carrier 08609e2559

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